Steve Bitanga

Welcome. My name is Steve Bitanga.

I am a Professional Photographer and I work with several different companies as a freelance/contracted photographer . I have been doing this for 10 years and throughout the process I have learned what it takes to become insightful, intuitive and accomplished in my field. I have the ability to be both proficient and goofy at the same time, and thus allow my clients to feel very secure and comfortable. I see photography not only as a career but also as a privilege that I've been allowed to share in capturing these moments.

I specialize in Urban Glamour, Product, Advertising, B-Roll and Wedding Photography, however I always welcome new endeavors and projects. Should you need a photographer/ videographer for your next event, or even your own personal portfolio, kindly consider my services.


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@trinitydang #trinitydang #fashion session ! #girl #cross #analog #instagood photo by #stevebitanga —- bookings —- 👈💪— #ig #hair #mua —

@trinitydang #trinitydang #fashion session ! #girl #cross #analog #instagood photo by #stevebitanga —- bookings —- 👈💪— #ig #hair #mua —

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